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A woman with a need to mother.

I know a majority of individuals have viewed the movie “The Blind Side.”  Of course I know the entire story being that I graduated from Ole Miss.  So often these types of stories go untold.  Mothers are so heroic in their own little way.  Taking in a child has to be a difficult decision to make because you become responsible for that child’s life.  I admire mothers that show bravery and step out on faith.  The story about Melvin Jones really touched my heart just as the story embedded in “The Blind Side.”  Jennifer Annable moved to Seattle with only $50.00 to her name and five months pregnant.  She worked long hours struggling to become a teacher.  Eventually, she became director of a special needs school. Her son, Kasey, recommended Melvin come stay with them.  Melvin had been thrown out of two schools and at this point had no credits.   His mom was dying of Aids.  The question at hand is why would a single mother take on such a challenge?  Her father grew up in  home and mother in an orphanage.  I can just imagine the thoughts and feelings she had.  I mean how could she turn a child away knowing what her parents when through.  The fact that she was their offspring and she was fortunate to have lived a normal life.  She stated that she had always envisioned running an orphanage home.  Melvin was not making things any easier.  He was very stubborn.  Melvin and Jennifer often had arguments.  Finally, Jennifer did the unexpected and gave Melvin access to her ATM card and pin number.  She did this in hope of gaining his trust.  Now Melvin will be graduating in the spring with great grades.  He is also very good in basketball.  My question is what makes one do selfless things like Jennifer did?   She is certainly a debonair woman.  Do you know of any women in your community that have or are currently doing selfless things?  If so I would love to hear about them and give them the appreciation they truly deserve.  Be blessed!

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